Helping Solve The UK Housing Shortage Building 1 to 50 Homes on Small Sites

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David Cameron said we need "houses that are affordable by ordinary working people"

We have spent the last 18 months researching how we can bring down the cost of new homes right across the UK.

We have identified the way that housing can be built twice as fast and at around 25% lower cost - the good news the quality and ecological benefits are better than traditional built housing!

Watch the video now & see the facts for yourself..,

Residential Housing Specialists


We specialise in providing UK housing that people can afford to buy and rent - we use new cutting edge construction & manufacturing methods to reduce costs & delivery of new homes to solve the British Housing Crisis. 


We are building a nationwide business offering affordable housing, the requirement for an additional 100,000 extra homes a year is a massive task which we can not satisfy alone.

We are looking for JV partners, associates and investors - we can also offer property entrepreneurs a wide rage of money making opportunities.

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The only way we can solve the UK Housing shortage is to work together, you can help us find small residential development sites (from one house up to 50 houses) in your locallity.

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We have been working over the last 18 months to find innovative ways to solve the UK Housing Crisis and shortfall of over 100,000 homes a year. If you are a person that thrives on ‘taking ownership’ of day-to-day business problems and finding solutions, we want to talk to you! Come and work with us – if you are a problem solver!

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